Ludovico Einaudi | Brothers Official Video Premiere

Help us record the official video for ‘Brothers’ from Einaudi’s new album In A Time Lapse and your footage could appear on Vevo.

ImageLudovico Einaudi has always been known for the evocative imagery and rich emotions his music conjures. Now we are working with him to give you the chance to test your creativity and express what his music means to you by helping us film the video for Brothers.

We want everyone to get involved, so whether you have top of the range equipment to contribute. Play Brothers in the back ground of your footage and get recording. Einaudi is interested in how you interpret the piece, not your film making qualifications or what you are filming with. What’s more important is that you listen carefully to the track and capture what you feel is right.

We are excited to see how our technology can be used in such a creative and different way.


We will combine all the uploads to produce the final video which you’ll be able to watch. And the end product will see the final edit of the video to Einaudi’s Official VEVO channel for a fantastic grand premier.

Here are some things to remember before you begin filming.

1. You must ensure the track is audible in the background of your footage. So we can sync all the entries and edit them.

2. Remember to shoot in landscape

3. Your videos must be more than 15 seconds in length

4. You can enter by shooting your footage and uploading it at

That’s it! Everything else is down to you so get shooting and help us and Einaudi produce something very special for this beautiful piece of music. Download it here.

In A Time Lapse is available to download from iTunes now. Visit the official website at


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