Hard Working Class Heroes Digital

We are delighted to see that our friends at HWCH are shaking things up a bit and are adding Hard Working Class Heroes Digital to the mix.

We cut our festival teeth with Hard Working Class Heroes back in the day. 2011 was our very first trial run of 45sound.com and no-one had tried to do anything like it before, so a big thank you for team HWCH for all their support then and now! The then team of four worked
hard to get this basic version of our service ready in time for the 101 bands and all the fans at HWCH to try it out free of charge and we sure learnt a lot.

Now we have grown and HWCH is growing into HWCH Digital. Our support is guaranteed.

HWCH Digital is supported by and co-ordinated with the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC), the Dublin Liberties-based company which aims to build high-impact new ventures through initiatives like Launchpad.

HWCH Digital is now looking for 25 tech companies in the entertainment sector who’d like to get involved and have access to mentoring, panels and tip sessions over the weekend, as well as having the opportunity to discuss their ideas with tech industry figures. Companies interested have until July 26 to apply online.

Get your entries in!



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